Repair Services

Going Above & Beyond to Fix Our Customers’ Problems
Overhead Crane Repair Services

Crane 1 offers both emergency repairs and scheduled repairs with proactive maintenance. When critical equipment systems break down, we know how to get you back up and running fast — no matter what business you’re in. Crane 1 is a premier overhead crane repair company; our expert technicians are highly qualified and certified to perform professional-grade repairs on your cranes and hoists — regardless of the type or brand.

Emergency Repairs

When your crane or hoist breaks down unexpectedly, we’re there for you 24/7/365. We strive to get your crane back in service during the first visit so you can complete your shift without much downtime. If your equipment requires factory parts, we send those to you via expedited delivery to get you back in business as soon as possible.

Crane 1 has significant labor resources that allow us to respond to big problems with fast, effective solutions. Our initial objective is to get your crane back into operation quickly and safely. We make a temporary repair when the proper parts or components are not readily available. After that, we plan a long-term fix to prevent further breakdowns. This plan may include additional parts or components, increased frequency of preventive maintenance, modernization or upgrade of existing equipment or even replacement of the hoist or crane unit.

Scheduled Repairs

Planned repairs are far more cost-effective than emergency repairs. During routine inspections and regular maintenance visits, our technicians are on the lookout for potential problems that may take your crane out of service in the future. Preventing breakdowns helps you avoid emergency repairs that require significant costs in lost production, overtime labor and overnight freight.

Crane 1 Advantages
  • We have deep industry experience and technical knowledge
  • Our Service Technicians are trained and certified through our Crane 1 Academy
  • Our Service Technicians arrive service- and safety-ready
  • We offer our “online hotline” 24/7/365 service
  • We guarantee a two-hour emergency repair response within our service areas
  • We stock common supplies and critical parts on our service vehicles
  • Our team has new and replacement equipment available for all brands
  • Our Customer Care team provides real-time scheduling and communications