Pulp & Paper

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Crane Company
Crane and Hoist Equipment for the Pulp & Paper Industry

If your company is part of the pulp and paper industry, then you know how important expert crane service is to a safe and efficient production process. Operating in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment requires the high level of maintenance and service that Crane 1 provides. Your crane must continually run at a fairly high speed, safely and accurately, and with few unplanned repairs that can lead to downtime. Crane 1 not only helps keep your crane system running optimally, but we also help you select the best equipment — including hoists, below-the-hook devices and control systems — for your specific needs.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges
  • Stringent customer schedules demand reliable crane and hoist equipment
  • Smooth and precise retrieval and storage of paper rolls helps prevent damage
  • Your crane system must have sufficient capacity to handle heavy paper rolls safely and reliably, and your equipment must be customized for your specific inventory levels
  • Automated and semi-automatic crane operations help reduce labor costs and improve efficiency
  • Cranes and hoists must be able to withstand tough environmental conditions
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