Primary Metals

Crane 1: First in Service


Mills that roll, draw or extrude metal into sheet, strip or bar form operate in extreme conditions. Potential hazards are present throughout crane equipment systems— from unloading scrap, pouring hot metal and shaping products, to transporting iron ore, recycled steel and finished products. That’s why companies in the primary metals Manufacturing industry rely on Crane 1 to help them lift heavy, dangerous items safely, reliably and for long periods of time. With high levels of expertise and years of relevant experience, our Service Technicians help businesses like yours meet demanding overhead crane applications while increasing operational efficiency and ensuring long equipment life. Let us inspect, maintain, repair and/or modernize your crane and hoist systems just once, and you’ll understand why Crane 1 is second to none when it comes to service.

We Understand Your Unique Industry Challenges

  • Finding the best crane solution for your particular application and usage, while meeting industry-specific compliance standards
  • Your cranes need to operate safely and reliably in harsh conditions while meeting continuous production demands — for up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Confined space in many mills and foundries makes the crane system configuration a vital consideration
  • Training is critical to ensure safety around hazardous conditions like heat and flames, molten steel and dangerous loads
Overhead Cranes For Primary Metal Manufacturing


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