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Life at Crane 1

Why Work with Us? Just Ask Our Associates!
Crane 1 Is a Special Place to Work Because…
  • “We work as a team.”
  • “We help each other with quotes and talking to customers when the other is swamped.”
  • “It’s our people and resources that make us a superior company.”
  • “Crane 1 adds value to our customers.”
  • “I feel that we are more of a small-business-feel company and … I like the fact that we communicate often with the owners.”
  • “We conform to our customers’ needs … instead of having our customers conform to us.”
  • “What I believe makes us special and better is our flexibility to meet special needs and services required by our customers.”
The One Thing I Really Like About My Job Is…
  • “The crew — we are one big goofy family.”
  • “Getting to meet new customers and not being in the same place every day.”
  • “We operate like a family.”
  • “Helping customers.”
  • “I like the training Crane 1 offers employees.”
  • “Working with our customers to determine what type of system will work best for their application and staying within their budget. I have seen many complicated systems where a typical bridge crane will not work due to limited floor space or insufficient ceiling trusses, but I have found that with enough research, there is always a lifting system that will work.”
  • “There are many operations being performed and products being made that we get to see that most people would never see in their lifetime.”
Our Team Goes Out of Its Way to Help Customers and Fellow Associates…
  • “We all pitch in when one of us is sick or absent.”
  • “You hardly ever hear the ‘that’s not my job’ attitude from this crew.”
  • “Going out of the way to help others is something we all do, whether dropping off a part to a customer instead of waiting and shipping it UPS, or helping a co-worker who is struggling with a health issue. I believe we have all chipped in and helped.”
  • “We were on an install and had been shorted some essential festooning cable. Our sister division was able to spare the cable and drive it five hours to the hotel our team was staying at so we would have it the next morning.”
  • “I visited a customer after hours on a Saturday to confirm that the job was going OK and that the customer was happy. I purchased snacks and drinks for the technicians.”
  • “Personally trying to help troubleshoot over the phone.”
  • “I always go at a moment’s notice to help techs — no matter what.”
  • “I answer the phone 24 hours a day.”
  • “Several years ago, we worked a full shift during the day and we had a big customer who had a mill go down due to hydraulic pump failure. The company was short on manpower on the second shift so we helped support its maintenance team so they could get their mill up and running.”