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Electrical and Control Products

Let Us Take Charge of Your Overhead Crane Controls
Comprehensive Crane and Hoist Control Solutions

Overhead crane applications require safe and economical power solutions. Crane 1 offers a full range of services to keep your electrical and control products operating safely and optimally. We service all brands with proactive maintenance and emergency repairs, and we get the critical parts you need to you quickly. We also offer our Crane 1 Academy resources to help train your employees in best practices. In addition, we help our customers analyze the total cost of ownership and operational performance of their crane and hoist systems.

We provide and service many types of electrical and control products:
  • Remote Controls
    Improve the productivity and safety of your crane and hoist control system with a radio remote control installed by one of our trained electricians. Crane and hoist wireless remote control boxes allow the user to operate the crane while positioned away from the load being transported, increasing safety and optimizing space utilization.
  • Runway Electrification
    Runway electrification brings power to your bridge crane system. Crane 1 installs and services crane electrification systems and components, including conductor bar systems, festoon systems, tag-line systems and cord reels.
  • Variable Frequency Drives
    The industry-leading Magnetek family of adjustable frequency drives offers versatility, reliability and safety. Models range from basic, compact low-cost units to advanced units featuring exclusive crane and hoist software.
  • Automation and Controls
    Automated overhead crane solutions reduce labor costs, increase productivity, reduce product damage and lower overall capital expenses associated with your lifting processes. The latest crane controls and positioning systems allow you to automate existing crane and hoist systems as well as new installations.
  • Cab Controls and Chairs
    An operator armchair system incorporating electronic controls is a common upgrade to older overhead crane systems. Common options and special accessories are available to meet your specific needs.
  • Pendant Stations
    Crane 1 services all brands of pendant control systems. If you need a pendent system, count on our expertise. We analyze your application and recommend the right product for your needs.
Major Manufacturers

We work closely with all major overhead crane equipment companies. When it comes to electrical and control products, these are the industry leaders:

  • Conductix-Wampfler
    This company is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality energy and data transmission systems for mobile material handling equipment and machinery. Crane 1 installs and services Conductix-Wampfler radio remote controls, conductor bar systems, air hoists, push button pendants, and crane and hoist control cables for overhead systems.
  • Duct-O-Wire
    Duct-O-Wire is a leading supplier of electrification and control products for overhead cranes and hoists. Products include festoon systems, conductor bar systems, push button pendant stations and switches, collision avoidance systems, variable frequency drives and radio remote control units.
  • Magnetek
    This company is a leading provider of power control and delivery systems for the material handling industry. Magnetek offers a full range of control products for overhead crane systems, including AC motor control products, AC line regenerative systems, DC motor and magnet control products, radio remote control products, inverter duty motors, brakes, pendant push button stations, cable and festoon systems, conductor bar systems and collision avoidance systems.