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CSI - Crane Service Inspections joins CRANE 1

Ohio-based Crane Service & Inspections (CSI), acquired by CRANE 1 in January 2017 enhances CRANE 1’s geographic presence in the Midwest and South, and broadens our Mill division’s product and service capabilities.

CSI’s crane and hoist service locations will be added to CRANE 1”s existing service network while the Lifter Refurbishment and Special Products group have been combined with CRANE 1’s Mill Service Division.

Combining the expertise and complementary services of both companies expands our service capabilities and improves our market position as the one-stop shop for overhead crane maintenance and repair needs. We are very excited about the benefits and additional services resulting from this acquisition!


CSI’s expertise in control modernizations of mill cranes, as well as its experience in rebuilding below-the-hook lifting devices, adds significant value to CRANE 1’s customers and our mill service division.

Mill Duty Cranes, Control Modernizations and Special Projects

CRANE 1’s Mill Equipment Division specializes in heavy service cranes and highly engineered solutions for crane modernization and upgrade projects with steel mill customers and other similar industries. Our expertise can help improve safety and operation productivity.

Mill Equipment Repairs & Lifter and Coil Grab Refurbishments

At our Mill Equipment facility, CRANE 1 provides complete below the hook lifter and grab repair evaluation with inspection, complete teardown, thorough cleaning, and detailed report. Worn and damaged components will be replaced to return the unit to productive use.

Certification and Peace of Mind

Industry and governmental safety requirements dictate the traceability and complete documentation of all below-the-hook equipment. Our CRANE 1 Mill Equipment Group provides you peace of mind with fully traceable and documented parts with complete record keeping. We provide engineering and load rating services to provide your existing lifting equipment with labeling per the requirements of ANSI B30.20.