Below the Hook Lifter Refurbishment


CRANE 1 offers full refurbishment and repair services for all brands and types of below the hook lifting devices at our Mill Equipment repair center. Our experienced staff of Service Engineers and Repair Technicians performs a
detailed inspection and provides a report outlining the scope of work required to recondition the lifting device.​

The CRANE 1 Reconditioning Process

  • The condition of the unit is fully documented before disassembly.
  • A photographic record of the incoming condition including a recording of information on all data tags and markings.
  • The unit is disassembled and cleaned to bare metal.
  • A mechanical and NDT Inspection is performed on critical components.
  • Electrical components are checked for condition and proper function.
  • A thorough inspection report is prepared with recommendations for possible options to improve future reliability.
  • A fixed price proposal is provided with lead time to complete the full refurbishment or repair.
  • After repair, all units are functionally tested to ensure compliance with performance specifications.

Equipment Types

• Lifting Beams
• Tongs
• Vacuum Lifters
• Telescoping Lifters
• Parallel Lifters
• Specialty Equipment
• Power Rotating Crane Hooks
• C Hooks
• Pallet Lifters
• Magnets
• Cord Reels

Below the Hook Lifter Refurbishment | Crane 1 Services


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