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Even if you have perfectly aligned wheels and runway rails, the friction of crane flanges on runway rail eventually wears out the wheels and the rail.  Unfortunately, perfectly aligned wheels and rail rarely happens in real life; crane runway rail attached to steel building structures expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations causing alignment issues. Crane wheel lubrication systems could be the answer to expensive frequent wheel replacement.

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At CRANE 1 our goal is to make the inspection and maintenance of cranes and hoists as simple as possible. In the attached blog we share some of the many specialized terms used within our industry. At CRANE 1 we are always available to help our customer partners make informed decisions.

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Overhead crane and hoist owners in the United States normally do not knowingly put their workers at risk.  But it is what you don’t know about the design life of equipment installed in the last 30 years that may, in fact, pose a considerable risk to the safety of your people.

 In the last 30 years, the average weight of a standard 5 Ton Capacity Wire Rope Hoist has dropped in weight from over 1000# to as light as 500# in the current versions being sold.  Although both hoists will pick the same load, they likely differ in the ultimate finite life period of the unit.   Many of the newer European style hoists are produced with only a 5-year design life when used at the maximum of the specified load spectrum.  Since many of these hoists have been installed and in use for over twenty years, there is great cause for concern.

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Reducing unplanned downtime of production critical industrial cranes and hoists is a major priority of our technical team. Traditional motor mounted hoist, crane and trolley friction disc brakes in contactor controlled cranes are are a potential trouble spot that can benefit from the use of oil shear brakes to help eliminate brake maintenance and unplanned downtime resulting from traditional disk brake failures.

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CRANE 1 installs well over a hundred Jib Cranes annually.  They are a good solution to provide overhead lifting capability for a limited area or workstation.   The main benefit of a jib crane is the need for only one support point or column, keeping the remaining portion of the work area open.  Jib cranes can also be installed under existing bridge cranes to free up the overhead cranes from tasks that are performed in a certain work area.

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CRANE 1 realizes the importance of every crane system meeting the production needs of the customer while minimizing overall maintenance costs.  We understand that every project has unique challenges that require special considerations for the components to ensure both proper functionality and longevity.

The electrification system is one of the most important elements of a crane and hoisting system.  The electrification system at a minimum will provide a single or three-phase power supply required by the traveling crane and hoist equipment, but may also carry control signals that operate contactors, limit switches, and other functions.  With the many different types and brands of electrification being available, it can be difficult for a user to determine which electrification system is best is a specific application.

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September 17, 2018

Crane 1 Services, Inc. purchases assets of Mt. Clemens Crane & Services Company, Inc.

Crane 1 Services, a portfolio company of Pfingsten Partners, LLC has acquired Mt. Clemens Crane & Services Company, Inc. (“MCC”), a manufacturer of overhead crane packages.  MCC also provides overhead crane services in the Michigan market.  Headquartered in Harrison Township, Michigan, with a service operation in Canton, MI. Mt. Clemens offers a broad portfolio of services including inspections, maintenance, repairs, and parts. ​

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Today, many crane system providers and crane users are unaware of the many advantages of patented track. Because of this, the major advantages of patented track and comparisons between it and structural members are discussed in greater detail below:

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One of the most important parts of an electric chain hoist to inspect carefully is the lifting chain.  Most hoist lifting chains are “case hardened”, meaning that the surface coating of the chain is very hard while the inner metal of the chain is much softer and less resistant to wear. Once the chain has worn through the “case” material, the chain can wear through to failure very quickly.  That is why the daily/shift inspection and detailed documented monthly inspection of hoist chains is so critical.

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CRANE 1 has recently added the R&M Hoist and Crane Component product lines to our product portfolio to broaden our equipment capability as well as better service our hoist and crane parts customers.  It will be a great value to be able to source R&M parts and equipment factory direct at competitive prices. 


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