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Swinging crane loads from conventional crane and trolley travel controls pose a severe collision danger to both people and products.  CRANE 1 has partnered with Magnetek to provide our customers with a solution that not only makes a crane safer but also dramatically increases productivity - up to 25%.

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If you own or use a below the hook lifting device it is important to understand the standards!

So, what are Below the hook devices? They are structural and mechanical lifting devices (spreader beams, lifting beams, C-hooks, plate clamps, pallet lifters, coil grabs, etc.), vacuum lifters, lifting magnets, scrap and material-handling grapples. CRANE 1 follows the guidelines set forth in the ASME B30.20 standards. Below are highlights of the standard, however, the full ASME B30.20 standard can be downloaded here.

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While technological advancements have significantly improved the structural and mechanical portions of an overhead crane, the process has been more evolutionary than revolutionary. What has changed dramatically, however, is how overhead cranes and hoists are controlled.  Control systems are the most important aspect of an overhead crane or hoist and without them, the machine would not function nor perform in a safe, reliable, efficient manner.

CRANE 1 features the full line of Magnetek control products and is a Magnetek Performance Partner

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A program of regularly-scheduled crane and hoist inspections conducted by specially-trained, third-party technical professionals can save companies great expense by verifying compliance with local regulations and highlighting safety and production issues.  More frequent routine periodic inspections in lieu of minimum annual periodic inspections can save significant expense by identifying conditions that are likely to cause production downtime.  In addition to safety and production benefits, the repair cost of found deficiencies can be spread through the year.

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Arch beams, castellated beams, and zipper-tacks are a safety hazard and we want to help prevent any possible accidents and injuries.
Does your company have a patented track monorail or crane system using “Arch Beam” (also known as castellated beam, open web or zipper-track?) If so, you should be aware of the dangers of operating this equipment.  This type of crane and monorail track has not been manufactured since 1962, which means that all current arch beams produced and in service for over 55 years ago.   So it is a certainty that 55-year-old Arch Beam units are well beyond their safe working life.

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Would you ever consider installing a high voltage piece of equipment that without a proper ground to protect workers from potentially fatal electrical shock?  At CRANE 1, we would never allow it, but every single day our inspectors and technicians encounter an elementary electrical safety issue with cranes and hoists in the field that has been overlooked in prior safety/compliance inspections or knowingly ignored by the designated person responsible for crane safety at the site.  

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CRANE 1 installs hundreds of wireless controls on overhead cranes and hoists every year.  Our go-to radio for reliability, ease of operation, cost of installation and performance is the FLEX EX2 series from Magnetek.

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As a leader in overhead crane and hoist safety, CRANE 1 provides and installs many fall arrest systems on our customer’s overhead crane and runways systems to protect maintenance personnel as well as our own technicians and inspectors from potential fall hazards.   

A Fall Arrest System is an active means of protecting workers from injury due to falls. A complete personal fall arrest system includes an anchor, a body harness and a connector- such as a shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyard or self-retracting lanyard (SRL). As one of Gorbel’s leading distributor, we can help you apply and the install one of their innovative fall arrest systems that are pre-engineered and available for fast delivery.

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CRANE 1 has access to a unique line of air hoists produced by J D Neuhaus. The hoists are NICKEL PLATED HOISTS SUITABLE FOR HYGIENICALLY CRITICAL AREAS. Selected models from the J D Neuhaus range of air operated hoists and trolleys are now available for clean room operations and other specialist applications that also require hygienic working conditions. These include chemical and pharmaceutical production establishments, together with the food and drink industries covering all aspects of both handling and manufacture.

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We take servicing and repair of your crane equipment seriously.  With 200+ Field Service Technicians, Managers and Inspectors strategically placed throughout our markets, we provide you with repair and maintenance solutions with fast response times.  Read more about our significant competitive advantages:


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