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One of the most important parts of an electric chain hoist to inspect carefully is the lifting chain.  Most hoist lifting chains are “case hardened”, meaning that the surface coating of the chain is very hard while the inner metal of the chain is much softer and less resistant to wear. Once the chain has worn through the “case” material, the chain can wear through to failure very quickly.  That is why the daily/shift inspection and detailed documented monthly inspection of hoist chains is so critical.

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CRANE 1 has recently added the R&M Hoist and Crane Component product lines to our product portfolio to broaden our equipment capability as well as better service our hoist and crane parts customers.  It will be a great value to be able to source R&M parts and equipment factory direct at competitive prices. 


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As one of the largest independent overhead crane and hoist service organizations in the United States, CRANE 1 is uniquely positioned to provide you crane and hoist parts from virtually every hoist or crane made.

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Operational productivity is maximized, total repair costs are reduced, and safety of your equipment is optimized when you have implemented the optimum inspection and maintenance frequency for your overhead cranes and hoists.

The big question is:  How do I know what is the Optimal Frequency?

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CRANE 1's customers will benefit from innovation shared from our recent acquisition of Absolute Crane in Houston, Texas.  Mark Lupo, former President of Absolute Crane came up with an innovative approach over 5years ago, to eliminate troublesome festooning on bridge cranes.  Lupo utilizes 4-bar conductor bar along the bridge crane for power to the hoist(s) and trolley(s) and radio receivers mounted on each hoist/trolley for control instead of festooned wiring.

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July 20, 2018

Crane 1 Services Inc. ("CRANE 1"), has acquired Absolute Crane Service, Inc. (“Absolute Crane”), a provider of overhead crane services and equipment. Headquartered in Houston, Texas.   Absolute offers a broad portfolio of critical services including inspections, maintenance, repair, design, and installation of new and refurbished equipment and parts for overhead cranes. 

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Load proximity lights are the latest safety feature that many organizations are adding to their overhead cranes to reduce the hazards to pedestrians exposed to the moving crane load.

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Hook inspection requirements are outlined in ASME B30.10 and require that hooks be visually inspected during the normal course of use by the operator as well as periodically by a designated or qualified individual.  Non-destructive testing is required based upon the recommendation of the designated person responsible for the periodic hook inspections.  The frequency and documentation requirement of the periodic inspection shall be dependent on the type of equipment in which the hook is used, but at least annually. During the inspection, some of the conditions that should be looked for include:

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There is a fair amount of confusion regarding explosion proof and spark resistance in hoist and crane applications.   The following article explains the difference and gives some information on how to specify the classification of the application.

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Before you look at runway alignment and elevation as the cause of the tracking issues you are having with your bridge cranes, it is wise to rule out some other problems with the crane itself.  Many times there are multiple simultaneous causes of tracking problems and solving one sometimes leads to even worse performance.  In this article, we examine some of the other reasons or contributors to the tracking issues of your cranes.

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